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  • 231.
    Your payments will be sent automatically through PayPal in the beginning of the next month (minimum $20 USD).
  • 232.
    Failed to load preset.
  • 233.
    This is possibly because you enabled 32 bits per pixel on the factory details page, but this bit depth is not supported by the VNC server.
  • 234.
    Average Queue
  • 235.
    Please <a href="%(url)s">sign up for priority processing</a> for more screenshot quota.
  • 236.
    Failed to rate the design.
  • 237.
    One night in November 2004, I went to bed too early, and while I was lying awake, suddenly the distributed volunteer idea struck me.
  • 238.
    What browsers do we need at the moment?
  • 239.
    The best solution on Linux or Mac OS is to create a simple shell script with your desired options, make it executable (chmod a+x), put it somewhere on your PATH and then use the name of the shell script as the browser command.
  • 240.
    In our dreams, the web looks good for all users. So we let web designers view screenshots of their pages in different browsers, at different screen resolutions and with different plugins.
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