• 21.
    How to install and maintain a screenshot factory?
  • 22.
    You cannot remove factories created by others
  • 23.
    You need to select a browser created by you.
  • 24.
    All Browsers
  • 25.
    All Platforms
  • 26.
    Expire in 60 minutes for Priority Users
  • 27.
    %(duplicated_count)d duplicated browsers found, %(updated_count)d browser updated, %(remaining_count)d remaining browsers removed.
  • 28.
    Thanks for your submission. Please add a back link to Browsershots from your website using one of the following codes:
  • 29.
    Browsershots respects the robots.txt standard. If you want, you can explicitly allow Browsershots by adding a section like this to the robots.txt file on your server:
  • 30.
    Total Uploads