• 51.
    Not everybody has a farm of legacy machines with older OSes and browsers. There are online services that offer screenshots of websites in different browsers for considerable fees. For the hobbyist and for open source projects, these fees may be prohibitive.
  • 52.
    Please <a href="%(url)s">create a user account</a> for more screenshot quota.
  • 53.
    Browsershots tests your website's compatability on different browsers by taking screenshots of your web pages rendered by real browsers on different operating systems.
  • 54.
    The username you entered doesn't match to any user in our database.
  • 55.
    You cannot add browsers to a factory created by others.
  • 56.
    Now, please link to browsershots.org from your website with link codes below.
  • 57.
    Are you sure to remove "%(browser)s" from factory "%(factory)s" ?
  • 58.
    Remove the 32 bpp setting and use 24 bpp instead. You can try to run shotfactory.py -vvv (for very very verbose output) to see the exact commands that the shotfactory script is trying to run.
  • 59.
    Yes, even for inclusion in closed, for-cost works. It would be nice if you'd mention that you used browsershots.org for the screenshots, but you don't have to.
  • 60.
    Remove Factory