• 61.
    Are you sure to remove "%(browser)s" from factory "%(factory)s" ?
  • 62.
    Most of these are normal desktop machines with domestic broadband internet. Distributed community processing ensures O/S and browser diversity, but it makes quality assurance much harder.
  • 63.
    Are you sure to remove factory "%(name)s" from your account ?
  • 64.
    %(duplicated_count)d duplicated browsers found, %(updated_count)d browser updated, %(remaining_count)d remaining browsers removed.
  • 65.
    Factory Details
  • 66.
    You need to select a browser created by you.
  • 67.
    Add browsers with fewer running instances or with large number of pending requests first in order to optimize overall waiting time for all browsers.
  • 68.
    You cannot add browsers to a factory created by others.
  • 69.
    You cannot add browsers to a non-existed factory.
  • 70.
    Payment Received