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    URL shortening service %(domain)s is disallowed.
  • 62.
    The source code for this project is available from the Subversion repositories or in the released ZIP files.
  • 63.
    Remove the 32 bpp setting and use 24 bpp instead. You can try to run shotfactory.py -vvv (for very very verbose output) to see the exact commands that the shotfactory script is trying to run.
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    Factory Removed!
  • 65.
    You cannot remove factories created by others
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    Please use the list below to get an idea about what browsers we lack on each platform.
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    Order by
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    Help Center
  • 69.
    You cannot add browsers to a factory created by others.
  • 70.
    For example, you could save the following in /usr/local/bin/opera-newpage and then enter opera-newpage in the browser command field: