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    The page you requested is not found on our server. The page may have been moved, or it could have been mistyped. If the issue persists please <a href="/contact">send us a message</a>.
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    Sorry, a link to Browsershots.org is found but the link text or alt text is incorrect. Please change it and try again.
  • 143.
    The default load limit is 1.0, but you can change it with the command line option -l.
  • 144.
    Add this link to remove "nofollow" tag of your link on %(url)s
  • 145.
    If you have some cheap bandwidth and a computer that is running most of the time, set up a factory and let it start making screenshots.
  • 146.
    In order to complete the link exchange, you are required to place a link to Browsershots homepage on your website using one of the following code.
  • 147.
    On Mac, it's possible to run the screenshot factory in the background, using fast user switching and a separate user account.
  • 148.
    The idea behind this project is to distribute the work of making browser screenshots among community members.
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