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  • 11.
    Please visit http://browsershots.org/links/confirm/%(id)s for instructions and link codes.
  • 12.
    Browsershots has a multi-language interface to make it more personal for all users around the world. If you would like to help us do some translations, please drop a message to <a href="mailto:translate@browsershots.org">translate@browsershots.org</a>
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    Please don't change above link text or alt text but you may add additional text to the link if you like.
  • 14.
    Add this link to remove "nofollow" tag of your link on %(url)s
  • 15.
    See <a href="/documentation#HowToCreateANewScreenshotFactory">HowToCreateANewScreenshotFactory</a>. The factory password is your user account password on browsershots.org.
  • 16.
    In order to complete the link exchange, you are required to place a link to Browsershots homepage on your website using one of the following code.
  • 17.
    Public beta test started in February 2005. The first public release was in March 2005. The project was rewritten completely between v0.2.6 and v0.3-alpha1, and again for v0.4-beta1 (transition to the Django framework).
  • 18.
    You submitted a link (%(url)s) to our link directory on %(date)s.
  • 19.
    The best solution on Linux or Mac OS is to create a simple shell script with your desired options, make it executable (chmod a+x), put it somewhere on your PATH and then use the name of the shell script as the browser command.
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    The email you entered doesn't match to any user in our database.
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