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    The email you entered doesn't match to any user in our database.
  • 12.
    On Windows, the screenshot factory program uses the desktop, so you will have to stop it when you want to use the computer.
  • 13.
    Add additional links to our inner pages will remove "nofollow" tags of your link in the tag pages of our directory.
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    <em>Tags</em>: Each tag is a keyword which describes your product or service. You may provide up to 5 tags for your website.
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    You may also use the url below to remove your link from our directory.
  • 16.
    This is possibly because you enabled 32 bits per pixel on the factory details page, but this bit depth is not supported by the VNC server.
  • 17.
    If NOTHING found in junk/spam folder, you may log in with your username and password, change a new email address and request a resend.
  • 18.
    Browsershots has a multi-language interface to make it more personal for all users around the world. If you would like to help us do some translations, please drop a message to <a href="mailto:translate@browsershots.org">translate@browsershots.org</a>
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    <em>Description</em>: Write a brief introduction for your website here, maximum 300 characters.
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    We're trying to make this service easy to use, open for all (including access to the source code) and 100%% free.
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