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    All Platforms
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    If you DONT receive the activation email in 10 minutes, please check your JUNK/SPAM folder since GMAIL, YAHOO and HOTMAIL sometimes mark it as a junk mail.
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    Submit bug reports, feature requests, patches
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    Link text or alt text is incorrect.
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    If you didn't request this, you don't need to do anything; you won't receive any more email from us, and the request will expire automatically in %(expiration_days)s days.
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    On Mac, it's possible to run the screenshot factory in the background, using fast user switching and a separate user account.
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    Your website (%(url)s) has been removed from our link directory.
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    For your convenience, you may get free accounts from our partner sites with your Browsershots profile by clicking the links below.
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    This is the one feature that sets this project apart from similar online services. The screenshots are made on distributed computers that are run by volunteers. You can see a list of <a href="/factories">active screenshot factories</a>.
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    In our dreams, the web looks good for all users. So we let web designers view screenshots of their pages in different browsers, at different screen resolutions and with different plugins.
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