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    No need to extend requests to avoid expiration.
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    Thanks for your submission. Please add a back link to Browsershots from your website using one of the following codes:
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    You can use your computer at the same time, and if the system load is over a configurable limit, the screenshot factory program will stop making screenshots until the system is idle again.
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    You did not provide us with the url to your link page.
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    Sorry, our system encountered some problems when creating your account. Please try again later.
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    Once you added our links on your website, please provide us with the url to your link page. Our program will verify and activate your link immediately.
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    If NOTHING found in junk/spam folder, you may log in with your username and password, change a new email address and request a resend.
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    How to install and maintain a screenshot factory?
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    The best solution on Linux or Mac OS is to create a simple shell script with your desired options, make it executable (chmod a+x), put it somewhere on your PATH and then use the name of the shell script as the browser command.
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    %(time_length)s ago
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