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    Once you added our links on your website, please provide us with the url to your link page. Our program will verify and activate your link immediately.
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    You may help us spread the word by placing a link on your website or blog. We have created some ready-to-use badgets for your convienence.
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    Help Center
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    Yes. For the foreseeable future, there will be free screenshots for everybody. You may have to wait in the queue when there's a lot of demand, or you can buy priority processing.
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    Sorry, our system encountered some problems when creating your account. Please try again later.
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    Also, if your requested configuration is too specific (e.g. specific Flash or Java version) there may not be matching screenshot factories all the time. Try the <em>Don't care</em> setting for quicker results.
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    Factory Details
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    As of May 2010, we have enough disk space to keep screenshots for one month after the last visit.
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    The email you entered doesn't match to any user in our database.
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    <a href="/paypal/email">Click here to change</a>
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