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    Yes. For the foreseeable future, there will be free screenshots for everybody. You may have to wait in the queue when there's a lot of demand, or you can buy priority processing.
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    This is possibly because you enabled 32 bits per pixel on the factory details page, but this bit depth is not supported by the VNC server.
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    Payment Received
  • 4.
    The response did not contain a Location header.
  • 5.
    You cannot remove browsers created by others.
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    The best solution on Linux or Mac OS is to create a simple shell script with your desired options, make it executable (chmod a+x), put it somewhere on your PATH and then use the name of the shell script as the browser command.
  • 7.
    You cannot add browsers to a non-existed factory.
  • 8.
    If the queue is very long, your screenshot requests may expire before they can be processed.
  • 9.
    In order to complete the link exchange, you are required to place a link to Browsershots homepage on your website using one of the following code.
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    Free Vector
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