• 41.
    You cannot remove browsers created by others.
  • 42.
    You cannot add browsers to a factory created by others.
  • 43.
    %(number)d of %(total_count)s %(object_name)s %(additional_label)s
  • 44.
    Invalid Request
  • 45.
    Please use the list below to get an idea about what browsers we lack on each platform.
  • 46.
    How to install and maintain a screenshot factory?
  • 47.
    Add browsers with fewer running instances or with large number of pending requests first in order to optimize overall waiting time for all browsers.
  • 48.
    Expire in 60 minutes for Priority Users
  • 49.
    What browsers do we need at the moment?
  • 50.
    Are you sure to remove factory "%(name)s" from your account ?