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  • Set sail in Pirates of the Burning Sea, the highly anticipated pirates online game, for a swashbuckling, massively multiplayer online adventure in the pirate infested seas and Caribbean ports of 1720. Captain massive warships through bloody engagements at sea. Charge through blockades and smuggle the war material needed to conquer the enemy's ports. Raid enemy shipping and loot ships of their treasure and rival nations of their glory. Take part in PvP combat. You can even get a parrot! Check out the official site for all the latest information including a detailed ship guide and all the information you�ll need to start your high seas adventures. The official site will also point you in the right direction for any game software pre-order and ordering information. A thriving pirates community awaits! Pirates of the Burning Seas takes online entertainment to new heights. Join now and share your swashbuckling tales with everyone.
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