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    Sorry, our system encountered some problems when creating your account. Please try again later.
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    Are you sure to remove "%(browser)s" from factory "%(factory)s" ?
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    Please check out the <a href="/documentation">Documentation</a> and <a href="/faq">FAQ</a> pages for more information.
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    Total %(count)s browsers are available on %(platform)s at the moment.
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    Some browsers on certain OS are in short and in urgent need of new installations. <a href="/browsers">Click here to see a full list.</a>
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    Please use the list below to get an idea about what browsers we lack on each platform.
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    You cannot add browsers to a non-existed factory.
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    Are you sure to remove factory "%(name)s" from your account ?
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    You cannot add browsers to a factory created by others.
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    For your convenience, you may get free accounts from our partner sites with your Browsershots profile by clicking the links below.
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