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    How to install and maintain a screenshot factory?
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    Once you added our links on your website, please provide us with the url to your link page. Our program will verify and activate your link immediately.
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    Your link may not be on first page in our directory, you may locate it fast with the following url:
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    Please use the codes below and keep the link text or alt text intact.
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    <em>Title</em>: Your website title, maximum 60 characters.
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    <em>Email</em>: A valid email address to receive link code. It will also be used for future correspondence regards link changes.
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    Add this link to remove "nofollow" tag of your link on %(url)s
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    Add additional links to our inner pages will remove "nofollow" tags of your link in the tag pages of our directory.
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    Sorry, our system encountered some problems when creating your account. Please try again later.
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    Some browsers on certain OS are in short and in urgent need of new installations. <a href="/browsers">Click here to see a full list.</a>
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