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  • 141.
    Browsershots respects the robots.txt standard. If you want, you can explicitly allow Browsershots by adding a section like this to the robots.txt file on your server:
  • 142.
    <em>Email</em>: A valid email address to receive link code. It will also be used for future correspondence regards link changes.
  • 143.
    Please don't change above link text or alt text but you may add additional text to the link if you like.
  • 144.
    The username you entered doesn't match to any user in our database.
  • 145.
    You need to select a browser created by you.
  • 146.
    Also, if your requested configuration is too specific (e.g. specific Flash or Java version) there may not be matching screenshot factories all the time. Try the <em>Don't care</em> setting for quicker results.
  • 147.
    Domain (%(domain)s) is not indexed by Google. Maybe it is a new site or has been penalized by Google. Only reputable websites are accepted.
  • 148.
    You did not provide us with the url to your link page.
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