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    Are your websites currently showcased by Browsershots?
  • 12.
    The best solution on Windows is to install the browser in a subdirectory of the shotfactory folder, e.g. shotfactory\firefox30, then enter firefox30\firefox.exe in the browser command field.
  • 13.
    For security reasons, the browser command must not contain whitespace or start with a slash. The purpose of this mechanism is to avoid commands like rm -rf / or /tmp/rootkit.
  • 14.
    For example, you could save the following in /usr/local/bin/opera-newpage and then enter opera-newpage in the browser command field:
  • 15.
    We're trying to make this service easy to use, open for all (including access to the source code) and 100%% free.
  • 16.
    Yes. For the foreseeable future, there will be free screenshots for everybody. You may have to wait in the queue when there's a lot of demand, or you can buy priority processing.
  • 17.
    For every problem report, there's probably 10 to 100 users who had the same problem but didn't report it.
  • 18.
    If you want to run a screenshot factory, see <a href="/documentation#HowToCreateANewScreenshotFactory">How To Create A New Screenshot Factory</a>
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    Browser Removed!
  • 20.
    This is the one feature that sets this project apart from similar online services. The screenshots are made on distributed computers that are run by volunteers. You can see a list of <a href="/factories">active screenshot factories</a>.
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