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  • 71.
    The migration is fast and secure. Your password is encrypted and no more email address verification is required.
  • 72.
    This request group already expired %(minutes)d minutes ago.
  • 73.
    Now, please link to browsershots.org from your website with link codes below.
  • 74.
    The current version 0.4 uses http://api.browsershots.org/xmlrpc/ for the screenshot factory API. You should install a package with "0.4" in the name, or check out the trunk from Subversion.
  • 75.
    Sorry, our system encountered some problems when creating your account. Please try again later.
  • 76.
    Expire in 60 minutes for Priority Users
  • 77.
    Some browsers on certain OS are in short and in urgent need of new installations. <a href="/browsers">Click here to see a full list.</a>
  • 78.
    Some people have already added Browsershots to their <a href="http://www.delicious.com" target="_blank">Delicious</a> bookmarks, and some have blogged about it.
  • 79.
    You can use your computer at the same time, and if the system load is over a configurable limit, the screenshot factory program will stop making screenshots until the system is idle again.
  • 80.
    If your browser group or rendering engine is not available, please <a href="[email protected]">write to us</a>.
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