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  • 81.
    Link page should be on domain %(domain)s
  • 82.
    Update browser configurations for "%(browser_name)s"
  • 83.
    This is the one feature that sets this project apart from similar online services. The screenshots are made on distributed computers that are run by volunteers. You can see a list of <a href="/factories">active screenshot factories</a>.
  • 84.
    Current Running
  • 85.
    Now, please link to browsershots.org from your website with link codes below.
  • 86.
    Max (History)
  • 87.
    If the queue is very long, your screenshot requests may expire before they can be processed.
  • 88.
    Most of these are normal desktop machines with domestic broadband internet. Distributed community processing ensures O/S and browser diversity, but it makes quality assurance much harder.
  • 89.
    For example, you could save the following in /usr/local/bin/opera-newpage and then enter opera-newpage in the browser command field:
  • 90.
    Add browsers with fewer running instances or with large number of pending requests first in order to optimize overall waiting time for all browsers.
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